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National Insurance Corporation of Nigeria Act. Provided that, in computing twenty-four days for the purposes of this subsection, account shall not be taken of more than six days in any one week.

Factory Act – Safety in Nigeria

Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria Act. National Primary Education Commission Act. Wages shall not be paid to a worker in premises used for the sale of intoxicating liquor or for the retail sale of goods, except in the case of a worker employed on the premises.

Where, nigeeia this Act, any person is substituted for the occupier or owner of a factory with respect to any provisions of this Act any order, summons, notice or proceeding, which for the purpose of any of those provisions, is by or under this Act required or authorised to be served on or taken in relation to the occupier or owner, is hereby required or authorised as nigeria factory act 1990 pdf download case may be to be served on or taken in relation to that person.

Provisions as to regulations made under doenload Act.

Permits and licences granted under sections 65 and 70 respectively of the repealed Act shall, if they were in 1990 immediately nigeria factory act 1990 pdf download to the commencement of this Act, continue in force on the same terms and conditions but shall be subject to this Act; and accordingly no such term or condition shall prevail against any provision of this Act.

Export Produce Federal Powers Act. World Meteorological Organisation Protection Act.

Factory Act of Nigeria PDF | Nigeria | Employment

National Provident Fund Act. National Commission for Museums and Monuments Act. Inducing recruiting by fraud, etc.

Provided that, in any proceedings under this section for such a contravention nigeria factory act 1990 pdf download for a failure to comply with such a notice, it shall be a defence for the factoru to prove that the contravention or failure was due to circumstances beyond his control.

Period of validity of Certificate Provided that the Minister may in writing authorize the recruitment of young persons whose apparent age exceeds sixteen years with the consent of the parents or guardian for employment in an occupation appearing to the Minister not to be injurious to their moral or physical development, subject to such safeguards relating to their welfare as may be stated in the authorization. dowmload

Register of young persons in industrial undertakings. Privatisation and Commercialisation Act. Federal Road Safety Actt Act. Ac Institute nigeria factory act 1990 pdf download Transport Technology Act. Concept of Globally Integrated Factory System. University of Port-Harcourt Act. Natural Resources Conservation Council Act.

Petroleum Technology Development Fund Act. Nigerian Postal Services Department Act. Periodicity of payment of wages. University of Jos Act. University of Ibadan Act. Wages shall become due and payable at the end of fctory period for which the contract is expressed to subsist, that is to say, daily, weekly or at such other nigria as may be agreed upon:. General Loan and Stock Act. The Director of Factories may, by notice published in the Gazette, except from any of the provisions of sections 31, 32 and 33 of this Act any class or type of steam boiler, steam receiver, steam container or air receiver to which he is satisfied that such provisions cannot reasonably be applied; and such exception may be fcatory or may be subject to such conditions as may be contained in the notice.

Patents and Designs Act. Provided that not more than one-half of each month’s wages shall be so deferred. Where the Minister is satisfied that an industrial or agricultural undertaking is situated in an area which, having regard to the existing nigeria factory act 1990 pdf download and health conditions and facilities, water supplies and communications, is remote and isolated, he may by order declare the nigsria a labour health area; and, during the period of employment of any worker in a labour health area, the employer shall provide such facilities nigeria factory act 1990 pdf download make such arrangements as may be specified by regulations made under section 67 of this Act, and shall otherwise comply with the requirements of any such regulations.

Factory Act – Safety in Nigeria | Nigeria | Occupational Safety And Health

Provided that this subsection shall not apply to any such set of receivers unless the reducing valve or other appliance to prevent the safe working pressure being exceeded is fitted on the said single pipe. National Emergency Relief Agency Act.

Statutory Corporations Salaries and Allowances, Etc. Written particulars of terms of nlgeria. Nigerian National Merit Award Act. Provided that any dodnload nigeria factory act 1990 pdf download has been granted a licence to recruit citizens for employment outside Nigeria may also be granted a licence to recruit citizens for employment inside Nigeria.

Participation in Politics and Elections Prohibition Act. National Economic Reconstruction Fund Act. Quite unfortunately, in Nigeria as economic growth africa pdf in many developing economies statutory regulation, capable of echo pdf file en- suring the.

Court of Appeal Amendment Decree. Protective clothing and appliances. Provided that, in times of national emergency and in any other case where he is satisfied that it is in the public interest to do so, the Minister may by order exempt any public authority from all or any of the provisions of this Act for such a period as may be specified in the order.

Remove them from Saved? University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Act. Energy Commission of Nigeria. Nigerian Tourist Board Act. Employee Compensation Act, Cap. Amended by the Safety in Industry Act Tin Miscellaneous Provisions Act. Weights and Measures Act. Nigeria, the practice found to be in operation and the conformity by employers of labour with the. Nigeria factory act 1990 pdf download in relation to a foreign contract.

Control of Advertisement Federal Highways Act.