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Man, is it awesome! Im testing it and it rocks!!!

Thank you for your work bootsy this tol is a pearl and my music sounds like a dream now and you made dpf happy hats off! May 22, at May 11, at 4: May 14, at 8: Allows for a personalization of updates. February 13, at 8: Hab soviel geld in ne highendsignalkette gesteckt. July 22, at 1: Can someone confirm if this is a problem in other DAWs?

Eventhough my website is small and just starting out, I constantly update along with you and follow your releases to help spread the word. Very quick and professional support. If you can’t find your fix anywhere else Will have to revistit tomorrow as both links are not working: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Protection against outdated software.

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What if the plug in is so good you want to use it on every track of a track record? Thank you for your work bootsy this tol is a pearl and my music sounds like a dream now and you made me manjal.

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This thing put my work to the next level. I was doubting what I was hearing because i suspected there was just a ton of saturation going on and i was just jamming with the crunch. Thanks Herbert, for all the dynamics and fx you have made so far, not to mention the great reading as i have learned alot about compression; etc…, through here….

I think Bootsy is probably the best nonprofit VST programmer out there. Massive thanks for all your hard work in developing these freeware gems. May 22, at 9: I am a newbie in computers, but these guys quickly showed me how to use purchased softwares.

Everytime you release a plug-in, you scare the bee gees out of me. The database recognizes 1, software titles downloae delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades.


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Ive asked the same question myself. Doubt that bootsy will break the modules up. WIndows XP the same on 32 and 64bitReaper 4. HI bootsy, nice weight to the sound treatments. I just wanted to say, that a bundle of varia plugins e.