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Cancel reply Leave a Comment. House tax is waived off or still to pay? Here is the formula for calculating the annual value: How to mcd property tax form pdf download property tax online.

I have received a notice from mCD that I have not paid. Can you cownload how i can get the receipts again which were generated on line. Please help me how can i refund or adjust this year property TAX.

Self Assessment Property Tax form Municipal Corporation Of Delhi – Student Forum

But, if you have gone through such an mcd property tax form pdf download in any of the previous years, then I think it should not take more than 5 minutes for you to do it again with the help of various links I am going to share here in this post. I do not know mcd property tax form pdf download property ID as it is not available in earlier receipts as so far I had been paying through cheque.

Total annual value of the property: Someone pls help in knowing the process of how to get the house tax receipts of the last 2 financial years. The dais property is an ancestor property since 19o3. Paid online property tax Ra. Do not worry, you are not alone. Thanks for the detailed information!

These UPIC cards will be issued to you this year and get delivered to your address in the coming days. As I have no vacant land I am not succeeding in paying my property tax in Delhi Reply. I am using the following link.

Finally, the property tax you need to pay will ta on the Annual Value of your property. I have got property ID of my Society Flat built about 20 years back.

Property owners in Category A areas will have to pay a higher property tax as compared to Category B areas and likewise. There are eight categories of residential colonies in Delhi, from A to H.

MCD Property Tax – Calculating Tax, Online Payment, Past Payment Receipts & Other Relevant Info

Find out the total annual value of the property by doing a simple calculation. It allows me to pay only for I have paid Rs. UPIC card No Is there any quick way to pay online. How to upload that amount manual receipt.


Bank prove is available. The age factor calculation is based on the period of construction of the building.

I avoid going to the office and standing in line. How to follow up?

You can pay the property tax by logging on to http: Chances are, you may be finding the property tax form of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi MCD difficult to decipher. Why should you pay property tax on time?

I want to calculate my cusin prperty tax who deposited his property tax manully for the year ,,10. Kindly rectify the problem soon Reply. Someone pls help in knowing the process of how to get the mcd property tax form pdf download tax receipts of the last 2 fform years Reply.

Property Tax Delhi

Is it your first time at filing property tax? I am trying to pay property tax online but no site is opening properly and hence not able to make the payment. But, this will apply to your property only if it is wholly self-occupied and used for residential purposes.

How can we get the tax calculated for past years and pay now. Now the building is being very old more than 50 yr. I misplaced the receipts of these. If the building was constructed anytime between the financial year to the financial yearthe age factor is 0. When I try to pay I am prompted to fill area of mcd property tax form pdf download under vacant land.

I have logged a complaint on their website and have been given a reference number. You just need to put some basic propertty of your property and the system will do the harder work on its own. I have successfully updated all receipts from till on line. I have tried many a times mcd property tax form pdf download could not make.

Please share it here if you have any query regarding property tax calculation or its payment or if you have any suggestion to make it an easier process for the property owners in Delhi.