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Keep up the good work: I enjoy alot watching his lectures n they are reayy informative and attractive. Thank you so much for your contribution to the profession.

OphthoBook – the free ophthalmology textbook for new students

You need to make an iphone app!! Thanks so much for this informative website, especially the videos- concise, funny, memorable, easy to understand. You may not have seen this. This is a fantastic website!!

Free ophthalmology Books Download | Ebooks Online Textbooks

JUST what I needed. I loved every single one. Please make this work grow.

We are gathering videos for the online version of the text. Helpful in the ED.

Thank you so much! I wish I had a resource like this for all my rotations! What a fantastic resource you have created and shared with the world. Common Eye Infections Imtiaz A. Fantastic website, rownload the ophthalmology lecture notes pdf download has given me tenfolded insight compared to our lectures in medclass…! Thanks for your contributions to Opht. I adore your work uptil now.

I love your book. What is the standard of care if a lens falls during cataract surgery? A very good, short and informative introduction into ophthalmology for students or primary care physicians. This note covers the following topics: You have a very nice site! I hope you all success in your works and life. Thank you ophthalmology lecture notes pdf download much for an amazing website!

Thank you so much. Root in your new endeavors!! Just keep on building this website. Thank you sooooo much. Root, you are a great teacher!

Lectuer Online Pages English Since ocular infections are one of the most frequent occurrences in ophthalmology, the treatment for these infections must be fast, precise and effective.

USMLE Step 2 CK Lecture Notes 2016 – PDF 5 ebooks (Kaplan Test Prep)

All of my classmates and I love this website vownload think the world of you. Root, Thank you for ophtalmology fantastic book and lectures; Also I was curious to see what my avatar would look like!

We hope that it will be a ophtalmology introduction to eye diseases for health science students ophhalmology in Ethiopia. This section contains free e-books and guides on ophthalmology, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded. Upcoming Optometrist like are benefitting much from your site. Also today we were told we can dispense contact lens boxes before the patient is finished with their final progress check and that is was ok cuz we work under doctors license of the owner of the chain from KT….

Ophthalmology lecture notes pdf download patient has retinal detachment 6 years now on both eyes. Am a medical student ophthalmology lecture notes pdf download London university College London and your book which I have bought is a fantastic resource.

If you have questions, please respond to this comment. Ophthalmology lecture notes pdf download is a very complicated part of measurement for most students.

Exellent book I am an ophthalmolgy resident. This is the way ALL specialties should be presented!!!