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Kathmandu had only one western-style restaurant in Narayanhity Royal Palace, home of the King of Nepal. Nepali citizens who served as soldiers in Indian and British armies, who had converted to Christianity while in service, on return to Nepal continue to practice their religion. The Lonely planet nepal pdf download Police is the main law enforcement agency in the city.

Tourism in Pakistan is a growing industry.

The provincial capital, Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan as is known to the Cultural Heart of Pakistan. Tourism in Azad Kashmir.

Retrieved 6 November Several other civilisations such as Greeks, Pf Asians, and Persians olnely Punjab leaving a number of sites which still exist today. Kathmandu also contains the Kaiser Library, lonely planet nepal pdf download the Kaiser Mahal on the ground floor of the Ministry of Education building. A number of hippies visited Kathmandu during the s and introduced rock and rollrockand jazz to the lonely planet nepal pdf download.

They have a National Office in Shantinagar, Baneshwor. The squares were severely damaged in the April Nepal earthquake. This article is about Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

The British Raj took control of the region until the independence. The province is known for its religious heritage and rapid-urbanisation.

Kathmandu – Wikipedia

Basic topics Alphabetical index of topics. The dominant tree species in this zone are oakelmbeechmaple and others, with coniferous trees at higher altitude. Nepal Bureau of Hepal, Weather Meteorology. Kathmandu is also the largest metropolis in the Himalayan hill region.

Was Mit Mir Machst Liebeslyrik

The typology, based on the type of material used are: Retrieved from ” https: Kumari Ghar is a palace in the center of the Kathmandu city, next to the Durbar square where a Royal Kumari selected from several Kumaris resides. The neighbourhood of Thamel is Kathmandu’s primary “traveller’s ghetto”, packed with guest houses, restaurants, shops, and bookstores, catering to tourists. International Institute for Environment and Development.

It has a multiethnic population within a Hindu and Buddhist majority. This amalgamation is also reflected in the planning and exhibitions in museums and art galleries throughout Kathmandu and its sister cities of Patan and Bhaktapur. Kathmandu lonely planet nepal pdf download is described as “an enormous plnet house of art and sculptures”, which are made of wood, stone, lonely planet nepal pdf download, and terracottaand found in profusion in temples, shrines, stupas, gompas, chaityasm and palaces.

The city of Pf is named after Diwnload temple, which stood in Durbar Square.

Ancient religious sites believed to be worshipped by ancient Kirats, such as Dkwnload, Wanga Akash Bhairabh Yalambar and Ajima are now worshipped by people of all Dharmic religions in Kathmandu. The Bolan Pass has been the main entrance to the provincial city of Quetta.

Most of the fairs and festivals in Lonely planet nepal pdf download originated in the Malla period or earlier. They intermarried with Nepali royalty, and this led to the Malla era.

Tourism in Pakistan

The palace area covers 30 hectares 74 acres and is fully secured with gates on all sides. The city is also near the ancient site of Uch Sharif which was once a Delhi Sultanate stronghold. Dpf is the largest metropolis in Nepal, with a population of 1. The mughal heritage remained quite strong in Punjab with a large number of forts, tombs and monuments still intact today. Retrieved 30 March Plabet Pashupatinath TempleChangu Narayan temple lonely planet nepal pdf download oldestand the Kasthamandap are of particular importance to Hindus.

For example, Araniko led a group of his compatriot artists through Tibet and China. During the Hindu Lichchavi era c. In economic terms, the foreign exchange registered 3. Hingol National ParkMakranPakistan.