It went down straightaway. Before that, I had tried – to no avial – just about everything else ruining a tape in the process , except where they started talking about probes and voltage and electric tape. I had Zeiss-Ikon lenses on number of cameras in the past and they are awesome. If the issue persists, service will be required. Leon Thu, 20 May

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I think that activating the motor as you described causes this piece first to move into a position sony handycam dcr hc36 the tape harness can be latched and the camera is able to detect that it is latched and can be lowered. Plug battery or AC cord back in.

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

I was having the problem of the tape not closing. After sony handycam dcr hc36 on here I tried whacking it which I didn’t want to after a while as I thought it was making it worse after still not workingmoving the door release button around, taking the battery out and back in and various handycxm combinations but siny worked and I was pretty pissed off. Is it the lenses or just the grass nc36 sony handycam dcr hc36 other side of the fence?

I have been getting the error C Well I’m back here on this thread. And therefore it was this post that halped me: I was such a Sony believer until now!! Prior to that, about ten minutes were required to set up the required equipment.

Then I realized that the eject button the one you pull back to handycqm the door actually happened to be stuck in the wrong position Closed the door and it stayed. Belinda Thu, 01 May Sony camcorder repair Panasonic camcorder repair Canon camcorder repair Jvc Camcorder repair. Any expert’s advice will be greatly appreciated I was hesitant sony handycam dcr hc36 whack it, but did so anyway.

Patrick Thu, 24 Jun I then put the battery back on powered hqndycam, shut the tape door and it worked. Don’t do anything else, you are almost done!

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

My tape jammed a little but I was able to remove it with minimal damage. Read them both completely. In this case, disconnect all power to the camera, reverse the application of wires on the tape-tray motor and the sony handycam dcr hc36 tray move it outwards 1 mm. Soy to all for the efforts sony handycam dcr hc36 to solve this issue – NOW Sony – what are you going to do about your defective somewhat problematical Mode switches?!

Because of our extensive experience and inventory we can offer expert ecr at the lowest prices and the fastest turnaround. Have tried violence and the turning on and sony handycam dcr hc36 and plugging and un-plugging and battery in-and-out and and and Unfortunately, now the thing won’t close.

I re-did the operation five or ten times, with no further failures. Products of SONY are of no quality, sony handycam dcr hc36 technology sucks, and even more – they offer zero support to their customers.

Tried new tape, and same problem. A combination of both techniques will fix the problem. The power supply is OK and giving power at the output plug but camera shows no life at all.

I pushed up on the “latch” see Sony handycam dcr hc36 image and the tape will eject.

It did cdr us as we were about to throw two fairly new cameras away. This seems to do the trick sony handycam dcr hc36 now. After reading the very last post that was done last week, I decided to give the whole banging on the back thing a chance. Under the x top panel there are 2 more little silver screws that need to come out before you can remove the side.

I hope that will work for you because i understand that my method demands a variable DC power supply and not all of us have one at home or at work