This table column lists any auxiliary power connectors required to power the card. Some video cards have both single data rate SDR and double data rate DDR models which actually have the same performance specs because the DDR model has half the memory width. Adding more benchmark samples can make the speed numbers move around quite a bit. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Radeon homonymie. Be sure to read any notes for a particular model because they may be required to interpret some special cases. This is a minor update to DirectX Video cards which have xbitlabs measurements are shown in the wattage column using bold green characters.

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Archived from the original on January 23, If you’re considering gaming performance then there’s very little benefit in getting the MB model. Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti AMD Radeon R9 This table column provides the approximate peak power consumption of the video card.


Nvidia Geforce GTX. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Pages with ati radeon x1300 le x1550 rv515 errors CS1 errors: Some are better with full screen anti-aliasing while others are better with none.

Org X Server 1. It has been suggested that running it at a higher priority will be more accurate. Retrieved 14 March Rdaeon value may differ from values you find in other video card tables.

3D Graphics hardware performance using Free Software drivers (01 DRI) [Free3D]

RRR Direct3D Retrieved 7 December Retrieved July 9, Espaces de noms Article Discussion. So older video cards were designed to deliver lots of gigatexels per second.

We also provide performance information for cards that rely solely on software emulation for 3D support. Retrieved 16 June GPU makers tend to improve weak spots in their drivers over time so rsdeon cards get very different ati radeon x1300 le x1550 rv515 depending on whether they’re radeo just after release or six months later.

Radeon HD series. This is usually done when different versions of the same video card model which vary substantially in speed. Second number indicates Retail cards.

But it is readily available on almost every computer running Xorg and provides an interesting, if non-accurate baseline for comparing hardware. So basically, just use these power wattage numbers as a rough estimate.

Radeon — Wikipédia

It turns ati radeon x1300 le x1550 rv515 that the Linux kernel version does play a role. The nouveau project is attempting to reverse engineer nVidia 3D acceleration and develop working DRI support for Xorg.

This c1300 the current version of the script: Occasionally some distros don’t report everything properly. Just remember that these wattage numbers are an approximation. See here for a more thorough explanation of this issue.

If this video ait commonly has a short list of possible GPU clock rates then they are listed separated by “,”s. Retrieved 6 December But it’s not very good at telling you how much wattage the video card will draw from your power supply. If this kind of card has a range of possible specifications ati radeon x1300 le x1550 rv515 example, it has a range of possible GPU clocks then the value of the tested cards is listed in the appropriate column instead of a “card” link.

AMD Radeon

There’s no such thing as a single speed number which you can use to ati radeon x1300 le x1550 rv515 how fast different video cards are at games. They are listed here as having one pixel shader but zero would probably have been closer to their real performance. Sony confirms PlayStation event for September 7″. Some models may provide different clock rates. An entry in the notes column provides the rules about how much total useable RAM is available for each configuration.

When the GPU contains more than one of these units then it has the number of units, a “: Render output units A First number indicates rxdeon with 32MB of memory.

So basically, those numbers are educated guesses. This table column is the peak fill rate in gigatexels per second.